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"FAIRTOUR-Elaboration of a Plan and Implementation of Activities for the Promotion of Socially Equal Tourism "

The Project FAIRTOUR-Elaboration of a Plan and Implementation of Activities for the Promotion of Socially Equal Tourism concerns the development of the tourism sector in Syria and Lebanon. Its main activities consist in the implementation of preparatory actions pertinent to a development model for tourism in the two countries, as well as the identification and proposal of policy recommendations for boosting future integrated tourism development in the wider region.

More specifically, the aim of the project is to study the tourism industry in general, i.e. infrastructure (inclusive of the general and specific legal framework), resources and outlook of the industry in the two interesting Mediterranean countries of the Middle East, which wish to stimulate their tourist inflows.
The project activities
The project activities are tailored to consider any socio-economic, geographical and general political intelligence about these two countries, in order to put forward practical suggestions for a balanced, environment-friendly, socially acceptable and sustainable tourism development, which will benefit their economies, as well as general stability in the region. This is in line with what the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (article 1) describes as the foundation of 'tourism's contribution to mutual understanding and respect between peoples and societies.

In putting forward realistic suggestions, it is important to take into account the global experience in tourism development (in general) and that of Greece (in particular). Since Syria, Lebanon and Greece have several attributes in common, a comparative study of tourism parameters based on the Greek tourism development standards is both interesting and constructive.

The project activities have been coordinated by the Centre for European Constitutional Law, in cooperation with the local partners Fund for Integrated Rural Development in Syria (FIRDOS) and Lebanese Environment Forum
The total of the project activities have been funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration - Location - Languages
The project has had an overall duration of 12 months.
The project activities have been implemented in Athens, Beirut and Damascus.
The languages of the project are English, Arab and Greek.