Welcome to the website of the project
The project "Strengthening Democratic Institutions in the Republic of Moldova" was implemented by the Centre for European Constitutional Law-Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation.The project's objective was the training of judges and officials from the Republic of Moldova on priority issues (in view also of the process of implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union), the transfer of know-how for the harmonization of Moldova's existing legislation with the acquis communautaire and the articulation of concrete reform recommendations for the strengthening of democratic institutions in Moldova.
To that end, various activities were implemented in the framework of the project, in particular: training activities (organization of a series of workshops with the participation of experts from both countries), on-the-field transfer of know-how from Greek experts to administrative officials (training of trainers) on techniques of harmonization with Community Law, elaboration and publication of a practical handbook to be distributed to the personnel of competent public bodies of the Republic of Moldova, and the construction of the present website. In the course of the training activities, the participants were given the opportunity to discuss thoroughly issues pertaining to human rights protection, the organization and function of Justice, and social protection.
All project activities were financed by the International Development Cooperation Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hellenic Aid).
The duration of the project was initially 9 months, but it was subsequently extended to 11 months. Most activities were held in Athens and the final workshop was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Greek, Russian and English have been used as working languages.