:: Programme activities

Workshops, Reports,

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:: Calendar

Phase B

During the second Phase four Workshops consisting of 5 sessions each were organised.
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Phase A

The first Phase of the project provided for the organization of five (5) Workshops, each of which had duration of two weeks and was structured in 10 sessions.
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Direct beneficiaries of the project are the collaborating institutions in each participating country that select their representatives in the Workshops. Those collaborating experts are either public administration officials or judges or members of NGOs or academics.
:: Resident associates

A local partner, the resident associate, is the contact point in each participating country with respect to the project.

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The project is funded by "Hellenic Aid" of the  Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The organiser and coordinator of the Programme is the Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL) - Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation, situated in Athens, Greece, and operating as a centre of scientific research in the field of Constitutional Law.