Phase A

The first Phase of the project provided for the organization of five (5) Workshops, each of which had duration of two weeks and was structured in 10 sessions. Each session focuses on a specific topic.

Presentations from all participating countries are heard. A Greek expert undertakes the introductory presentation, as well as the coordination of the discussion that follows.

During the Workshop visits to institutions relevant to the topics discussed are organized by the CECL.
The participants receive a certificate of participation in the Workshop.

Phase A

1st Workshop

"Contemporary Constitutional and Institutional Developments
in the countries of South Eastern Europe;
Democratic Institutions and Fundamental Rights".

Athens 19th-30th March, 2001
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2nd Workshop

"Protection of the Environment in the countries of South Eastern Europe"

Athens 7th-18th May, 2001

3rd Workshop

"Restructuring Public Administration: Recent trends in Public Management and Anti-corruption Measures"

Athens 15th-26th October, 2001
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4th Workshop

"Market Economy-Structural Changes-Privatisation and the Institutional framework for Social Protection"

Athens 26th November-7th December, 2001
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5th Workshop

"European and International Institutions"

Athens 4th-15th March, 2002
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