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National Bulletins related to fundamental rights in European Union- 2009
Thematic Legal Study on the rights of irregular immigrants in volun-tary and involuntary return procedures
Provision of expertise for institutional and legal reform in the sector of forest protection
Thematic Legal Study on assessment of data protection measures and relevant institutions
The stance of young people towards participatory institutions
Thematic Legal Study on impact of the Race Equality Directive
Study on strategic and methodological conditions for the redesign of civil protection in Greece
Study on the institutionalization of the Standard Cost Model - Greece
Thematic legal study on national human rights institutions and human rights organisations in the member states - Greece
Thematic study on child trafficking - Greece
Thematic legal study on homophobia and discrimination on ground of sexual orientation - Greece
Framework contract - Provision of reports and studies on legal issues concerning the promoting and protection of fundamental rights in the European Union - Greece
Study on the legal function of tourist lodgings from the perspective of urban planning - Greece
Prevent-Action - Greece, Italy, Cyprus
Study for the reorganization and development of Technical and Professional Education in Cyprus - Republic of Cyprus
Study on corruption in the public sector in EU member states - EU member states
Feasibility study on the creation of a European research network
Commission Database Brussels II - 25 member states of the European Union
Pharmaceutical Policy in Greece and Europe: the operation of the market and the regulating framework - Greece
Legal, Institutional and Administrative dimensions of the regime of entrance and establishment of immigrants in Greece. Assessment of the existing situation – challenges and perspectives - Greece